Chapel Form

Program Progress

A year ago my husband and I conceived of a way to keep the memory of Braniff alive by establishing a Braniff Chapel in Terminal B at DFW.
In March we began the campaign, with the magnificent support of Dona Martinez, to reach as many BNFites as possible. The results have been so positive that we are now over $80,000.00.

However, I have met with some problems on the way to completion, many through my naivete. Let me explain.

The designer we were working with had a horrible accident and a few months later died then I was out of town for two months — family business and a vacation.

As the new International Terminal, “D,” was the major focus of everyone at DFW, I had trouble getting correct information and thus wasted a lot of time. The red tape became ensnarling but I have now found the people to lead me through the processes.

When I did reach the right people, our design was rejected as they now want all the terminals to take on the look of D — sleek and contemporary.

Now for the Good News!

I have a new designer and a new conceptual design that the DFW architect seems to think will work well. I am working with some wonderful men at DFW, namely the Vice President of Planning, the Airport Architect, and the main Building Official. I have engaged a very empathetic contractor who works mainly at DFW. He is so enthusiastic over the project that he will do the construction work at cost.

Next steps. Convert the design drawings to working drawings and get approval from DFW. Then the fabrication work to be completed and installation to begin ASAP. Donor recognition design needs to be finalized, too.

All of the above people are committed to see this completed so that the Braniff Chapel will be available for those who desire a place of worship, meditation, marriage, prayer, or merely a place to escape the airport bustle.

Thanks, everyone, for believing in this dream. I know we will all be so happy to once again see the name Braniff International in Terminal B.

Elizabeth “Liz” Bailey Wahlquist

From the Dallas Morning News, 22 March 2006

D/FW interfaith chapel to bear Braniff Name

Braniff International Airlines will return to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday.

In the name at least.

The defunct North Texas-based airline will lend its name to a re-dedicated interfaith chapel in Terminal B, Braniff’s old terminal.

Former employees and friends raised more than $90,000 for the naming rights for the location, and to revamp the space.

Braniff was the largest airline operating at D/FW during the 1970s and one of its captains led the effort to open a chapel when the airport opened in 1974.

The Braniff international Chapel in Terminal B, along with the four other airport chapels, will be maintained by the DFW Airport Interfaith chaplaincy