… counting the salad croutons during an austerity program

… learning to pronounce Chef Rossel’s menus – a far
cry from "mystery meat" and English peas!

… landing at SPS with most of the trays on the galley
floor – serving 44 people in 45 minutes was too much

… The three MOST feared words in the ’50’s were "Please
see me" (signed D.B.)

… Anyone remember girdle checks and/or weigh-in days?

Remembering Dallas – – – –

Who could ever forget the view from the lofty tropical
perch at Ports O’Call atop the Southland Building. It transported
us to the islands even before BN dreamed of flying over there.

We were in awe of the turban-clad Ike Sekhon who greeted
diners at the Safari Steakhouse in 1956. It was located in the new
Preston Royal Center; a date who asked you to dinner there moved "up"
in your estimation.

The most exotic spot was the lush La Tunisia in Exchange
Park. Being greeted by the 7-foot Watusi in his 5-foot hat was awesome!
Dining in the Sultan-tent atmosphere was great , but hearing "Happy
Birthday" sung in Spanish brought you back to reality!

Other spots drew their share of BNF hostesses and dates
– such as the Luau Room at Love Field and the Town Pump on Lovers
Lane where we all sang and thought we were great sopranos!

Then there was the Tabu Room on Loma Alto where the
beer was cold and the jazz was hot! (Still is!)

If dancing was your thing, there was Lou Ann’s on Greenville
Avenue – dancing under the stars was really big time in the 1950’s.

Little Bit of Sweden’s smorgasbord and Sammy’s in Inwood
Village were big favorites and the prices were right! The Southern
Kitchen – The Spanish Village by the Melrose Hotel – The Pilot’s Lounge
on Marsh Lane all had regular Braniff customers.



Berghoff’s in CHI was worth standing in line for. The
butt steak, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, dark bread and stein
beer made flight 22 worth its eight hours and eight stops. The salad
and pizza at the Yacht Club was ideal for a quick meal.

… Admiring the mosiac sidewalks in Rio

… The steaks at George Diamond’s in CHI and the music
at the Blue Note

… The great food at The Drive-In in Matamoros, to say nothing of paying
$1.00 for a bottle of Kahlua at the marketplace!

… Eating breakfast at 0600 at the Toddle House in MEM

… The Swedish pancakes with ligonberries at the small
café near the Post Office in DEN

… The Italian food at Mama Leone’s in NYC and the big
menu at Luchow’s.

… The wonderful Mexican food at Casa Rio in SAT on the

… Hoping your hose would dry overnight in Galveston

… Enjoying the steaks and dark beer at Berghoff’s in
CHI – made Flight 22’s 8 stops in 8 hours worth it!

… Trying to find your room at the Conrad Hilton in CHI
on your first trip!

… Exploring the Zona Rosa in MEX for great bargains
and admiring the Diego Rivera mural in Hotel del Prado

… Downing the oysters at Kelly’s in HOU across from
the Rice Hotel

… Finding your high heels stuck in the asphalt ramps
at LRD and SAT due to the heat!

… Coping with the varmints at "Roach Motel"
in HOU – ugh!

… Shopping the International Market in HNL

… Enjoying the Christmas decorations in NYC

… Eating great steaks at Joe Awful Coffees in DEN

… Coping with the snow and wind in Minot and Fargo –

… Enjoying the great breakfasts at the Driscoll Hotel
in Corpus

… AMA layovers offered the chance to eat at Mrs. Matthews
(Matt’s mom’s) restaurant

… Admiring the holiday lights at the Plaza in Kansas

… Riding the Wiki-Wiki in HNL

… Learning to cope with cerviche and Pisco Sours at
The Crillon in LIM

… You would think we did nothing but eat while on layovers
but we had to keep our strength up for those arduous trips home.