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Nancy Patton


Judy Ann Craighead


Darlene Beltz


Margaret “Peggy” Walter


Dona Rae Martinez


Adrian Ricks

With an abundance of sadness we notify you that Adrian Ricks died yesterday. She had been on oxygen 24/7 in the hospital with COPD for a week. Then moved herself to hospice and she died a day later. Adrian flew from 1962-1982. She has been an active board/committee member of the Clipped B’s for many years. Her beloved husband, Jim, died last October. They were constant companions at all Braniff functions.

There will not be a service and we do not have a name of a close family member. Cards could be sent to:

The Family of Adrian Ricks

5322 Stonegate Rd.

Dallas, TX 75209

We send our sympathies to Adrian’s family and friends. We all loved her!

The Clipped B Board

Patti Canada


Ida “Nelle” Rounsaville


Joanne Froise Bogaty


Jayne Rene Nelson


Julie Bourk-Suchman


Rilla Knutson


Linda Pearson


Shirley Eye


Norwood Band


Teena Sagely


Jeanne Omundson


Bill Collins

Bill Collins passed away last evening. His wishes are to be cremated and have his ashes spread over Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu, HI. There will be a private memorial service for the family in December.

Bill Collins began his aviation career working as a Braniff cargo-man in 1957. In 1963 he married a Braniff Hostess, Mary Lou Berna. Bill made the transition to the cockpit six months later and stayed until 1988. At that time he received another career opportunity with UPS rising to the rank of Captain. When he turned 60 in 1996, Bill down-bid to the panel but had a tragic accident just three months later. He was on a layover in Japan with Mary Lou accompanying him when they were hit by a car. Thankfully Mary Lou’s injuries were minor, but the accident forced Bill into medical retirement. The Collins were married just shy of 58 years and had two daughters and five grandchildren. They lived in Denton, TX, and Bill was 85 years old when he passed away.

Debbie Carmean


Jean Duncan

With an abundance of heartfelt sadness, we notify you that Jean Duncan died on October 10. Jean suffered a massive stroke at her new residence on October 5 and remained unresponsive.

We will notify you of any service arrangements when that is available.

At the May 2017 Clipped B luncheon, Jean was an honored guest and we paid tribute to her many contributions to the Braniff flight attendants, for which we all appreciated so much. Jean helped to instill in us the pride we all felt as we began and continued our Braniff career. Whether you first met Jean Duncan during flight attendant training or worked with her on a flight, you knew you were in the presence of someone special.

Following is the tribute to Jean Duncan, written and presented by Barbara DeMoulin-Wojcik during the May 2017 luncheon.


It was 1952 and the phone rang in her apartment in Dallas Texas; someone from Braniff Airways wanted to know if she was interested in flying for the company? Her response was, “Well, I don’t know, I will have to ask my Mom and Dad”.

In that moment a Braniff Legend was born…! The flash of that smile, the tilt of her head, you knew she was a professional the minute you met her. What you didn’t realize at the time was; you would become part of her vast extended family and that she would love you as a best friend, worry about you more than your Mother ever would… and if you had graduated from one of her classes she would never, ever forget you.

Jean Duncan, an only child, was born in Chapman Ranch Texas, a small town 17 miles south of Corpus Christi. Her Daddy was a farmer and a carpenter, her Mother was their homemaker. She attended school in Chapman Ranch through Junior High and graduated from CC High School. After graduation she finished two years of Junior College and then transferred to the University of Texas where she was graduated with a BA in 1948. For 3 years she taught Science, English and Math to the 7th-8th and 9th graders in Corpus.

After going through Hostess training, Jean was based in Dallas on January 1, 1953 she flew on the line for six years, where she charmed every passenger, crew member or any other employee or individual that she happened to meet. In 1959 she was recruited to head up the Hostess training program; in 1967 she convinced the “Powers that Be” that Braniff truly needed a Training College and they agreed. The new building was built in1968. One of her more famous quotes the Flight Attendants remember from their training days was; “The only place a Hostess ever chews gum, is underneath the bed”.

In 1969, her next assignment at Braniff was to open the new base in Houston, which she took on with as much love and efficiently as she did everything else. With the expansion of the airline routes growing so quickly, Jean got the feeling she was missing a lot of exciting times and made the decision to come back on the line and resume her flying career. She returned to the Dallas base and flew domestic and International until that fateful day, May 12, 1982. She was the “Senior Mama” on the last flight back from Honolulu, Captained by Charlie Lamb, who famously told the dispatchers when they wanted him to return Fat Albert back to HNL, “negative, we are now at the point of no return”. And so it was, that when flight 502 landed at DFW it was the end of Jean’s flying career.

After the Braniff bankruptcy, Jean worked for Arthur Anderson Accounting in Dallas and retired in 1997. She is now happily living in Dallas with her dog Bella and active in the Clipped Bee’s.

For those of us who have had the pleasure of belonging to her extended family, we salute you Jean Duncan! We thank you for all you have done for us we can never repay you for what you have taught us, not only in the virtual classroom…but the classroom of life. God Bless you and Godspeed…

On August 25, 2017, while walking her dog Bella at her north Dallas residence, Jean fell and broke her hip. Two days later, she had hip surgery. Jean was moved to a rehab facility a few days later to recuperate. She was released Sept. 8, 2017 from the rehab facility and then moved to a nearby assisted living residence in Flower Mound called AVANTI, where she lived until a week ago. While living at AVANTI, Jean had frequent visits from her Braniff Clipped Bs friends.

A few days prior to having the stroke, Jean moved from AVANTI to a new residence in Lewisville, where she could receive a higher level of care.

Following are social media comments from Braniff FAs on learning of Jean’s passing:

One of the finest ** Simply the loveliest person ** A special lady ** An elegant, beautiful lady **

Her legacy will live forever ** One of a kind ** A beautiful soul ** A sweet kind person ** A gracious lady ** No one in the world like her **

There will now be no gum chewing in heaven! An angel has just landed!

God rest your beautiful soul Jean Duncan!

The Clipped Bs Board

Janet Clesi


Ann Bellamy Smith


Beverly Jo Sheffield Halt


Dick Roberts

My husband, Richard “Dick” Roberts passed away on Aug. 13, 2021.
He was born on June 8,1931 and passed away on August 13, 2021, making him 90 years old. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the Army and served in Korea from 1953 to 1955.
He had a Business Administration from Oklahoma University. He was the Branch Chief of Training of the IRS in Dallas for 30 years. Dick is survived by his wife, Sally Roberts, after 60 years of marriage.
He and Sally have three children, Leslie Roberts Norman, Dana Roberts, and Andrew Roberts. They will truly miss this kind, loving husband and father.

Please mention about Dick’s death in an issue of the Clipped Bs. Thank you.

All best,
Sally Lenarsic Roberts
Hostess from 1958-1960

Elaine Burgin-Moore


Dolores Gloria Olson

Dolores Gloria Olson passed away peacefully on July 14, 2021.Dolores was born to Bernard and Clara Brungardt on June 6, 1925 in Hays, Kansas. She graduated cum laude from St. Mary College in Leavenworth, Kansas, where she majored in Spanish and English, with a minor in Dramatics. While working as an airline hostess for Braniff International, Dolores met veteran and commercial pilot John Robert Olson. They married in Rockwall, Texas in 1951. Dolores and John raised two sons, David and Wayne, in Lima, Peru and later Irving, Texas. After John’s passing in 2006, Dolores remained an active member of her community in Sun City, Georgetown Texas, participating in local theatre and taking regular excursions with her many friends. She attended Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic Church in Andice, Texas and was a longtime member of the Clipped B’s and the Sky Girls, associations for former flight attendants. She spent her final months near her family in Fort Worth.

Dolores is remembered for her glamorous style, easygoing attitude, and adventurous spirit. Whether hosting intimate gatherings or off on one of her many travels, her friends and family knew her as a calm, congenial presence, always up for anything with a smile. Born with a natural eye for fashion, Dolores carried herself with a quiet elegance, never losing her curiosity for learning or experiencing new things. She earned friends by being spirited, welcoming, and, most of all, kind, all traits she shared with her late husband, John. She will be dearly missed.

MaryEdith Lallier


Gladys Frye


Kathleen Ashwill


Francine Dawe

Memorial service for Francine Dawe will be held at:
Open Range Fellowship Church
9950 Hwy 80
Greenwood, La
10am JUNE 12TH
Following service gathering at;
Copeland Restaurant
1665 E. Bert Kouns
On maps it may also be listed as
1665 E. Industrial.

Please RSVP headcount to
Eva VanEnk

Joyce Hargrove Schweitzer


Rita Park’s Husband Ray

Hoppy just called to let us know that Rita Parks husband passed away 2 days ago.
There will be a short service before the regular church service on June 9th
at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Francine Dawe

Former Braniff flight attendant Francine (House) Dawe passed away May 19 in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Memorial services pending at a later date in Shreveport.

Dixie Comstock


Kathleen Bonds


Nancy McMillin


Martha Lane Roemer


Runelle Bowman


Drina Stang


Cathleen O’Neil


Mona Dobbs


Sheryl Blackmon


Catherine Spagnuolo


Maxine Smith

Maxine Smith passed away on 2-1-21.
If you would like to send a card, her brother’s address is
Roger Smith
1036 PRD 10
Weimar, TX 78962

Freddis Williamson


Lenora Mancha


Beth Curry


Charles Haus

Charlie’s daughter, Debbie was a BN Hostess and son in law, Jack was a BN pilot. He was truly a dear man and loved by all.


Jean Snodgrass


Jo Anne Nero


Rosemary Sancton


Kathleen Heidtmann


Brian Glasscock

We recently learned that Brian Glasscock, son of Clipped B member Sandra Glasscock (57-59), died suddenly on Oct. 7 of a heart attack. Brian was just 55 and lived in Frisco, TX.
Sandra Glasscock

6211 W. Northwest Highway, G116
Dallas, TX 75225

We send our sympathies to Sandra and her family.
The Clipped B Board

Elizabeth Creighton


Philip Sanders

Husband of Jeanette Sanders

Philip Sanders of Dallas passed away at the age of 85 on Saturday, Sept. 12, after a long and courageous battle with Parkinson’s. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, the eldest son of Yetta and Morris Sanders. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he moved to Dallas in the early 1960s and spent many years as the head of his own textile company. In 1981, he and wife Jeanette founded the Cowboy Chicken restaurant, which was a source of great pride and joy to him and continues to operate to this day. “The customer is always right” was his motto. He was preceded in death by his parents, three sisters and brother-in-law Harry Zimmermann. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Jeanette, and his daughters, Lisa Sanders of New York and Allison Sanders of Curacao; his brother Arthur and sister Isabelle, both of New York; his sister-in-law Betty Zimmermann of Dallas; and dear friends Sean and Vickie Kennedy and Elias and Raquel Sacal. His admirable qualities were endless, but his gentle spirit, positive outlook and ability to see the good in everyone were chief among them. To further Parkinson’s research, he donated his body to the UT Southwestern Willed Body program. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in his memory to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Vivian Bamberg


Kathie Maloney


John Piburn

John Piburn passed away Thursday morning (8/27/20) per his daughter, Alison Coe. There will be a service Wednesday September 2, 2020 at a time to be determined at the St. Marks Catholic Church 6500 Crawford Road Argyle, TX. John will be buried at a later date at the DFW National Cemetery. The DeBerry Funeral Home in Denton, TX is taking care of the arrangements.

John Piburn served his country as a sailor in the Navy 1944-1946. After active duty he became a crop duster then got his start in the airlines with Trans Texas. From there he went onto Consolidated, Tempko and finally Braniff in 1951. Following the first bankruptcy, John flew for American Trans Air (ATA) until 1987. After the airlines, he did aircraft delivery 1990-2003 when he retired. John lived with his Braniff Flight Attendant wife, Val, in Denton, TX and was 95 years old when he passed away.

Diane Reid

When I first came to the United States, I was fortunate to make friends with a young lady with whom I went to school part-time in Dallas, Texas. She remained my longest time friend in America. We lost her earlier this month. This is an appreciation of the amazing life she lived…

RIP DIANE REID: 1948-2020

Diane Reid, a renaissance woman who made numerous contributions to the criminal justice system and emergency medicine, died in Frisco, Texas on Aug. 5. She was 71.
Diane was being treated in the Intensive Care Unit at Medical City Frisco after she collapsed while on a routine visit to a doctor in Frisco on July 29.
When she was young, Diane once said, she always wanted to fly. In 1969, when she was 21, she told a reporter how she enjoyed her first job as a Braniff International Airways flight attendant, a job then described as “hostess.” It fulfilled a childhood ambition, she said. She had started with the erstwhile Dallas-based company on routine commercial flights then volunteered for Military Aircraft Command (MAC) flights, carrying soldiers to and from Vietnam at the height of that war.
Averaging three flights a month, she flew to Vietnam with boys, she said, and returned with men. A newspaper article on her work at the time quoted her as saying, “You really meet America this way.”
“The America she meets,” the reporter wrote, “is young, and she is very much a part of it. She flies with the men and women who cross the Pacific and go to war, and, if they are lucky, come back.”
To those who knew Diane Reid then and later, it was no surprise that great numbers of these troops were smitten with her. The apron she wore demonstrated how much they liked and appreciated her cheerfulness and charm in difficult circumstances. Her smock was weighed down with patches, medallions and other memorabilia the GIs gave her as thanks. In later years, the apron remained one of her most treasured collections.
Her life in that time was immortalized in two books, one a novel on the Vietnam War and one a collection of stories from the booming days of Braniff. Like the soldiers on the MAC flights, many others would grow to respect and admire Diane as she flew through her life. She went on to work as a police officer, an instructor in emergency medicine and as a renowned consultant in jury trials, all based in the Dallas area.
Born in Lawton, OK, Diane Reid was the daughter of U.S. Army Lt. Col. (Ret) Landon Reid and Betty Reid. As “Army brats,” her sister Cherie Meredith recalled, they lived in 12 different locations by the 12th grade.
By 1969, Diane moved to Dallas where we met while she was working for Braniff but soon developed an interest in law enforcement. She first studied at El Centro College and in 1974 we both graduated after earning an Associate Degree in Police Science. We were darned proud of that degree — although it also gave us some chuckles. With that degree in hand, Diane joined the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport’s Department of Public Safety. I stayed at the Dallas Times-Herald, covering the police beat. At DFW, Diane was cross trained as a police officer and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), which first focused her attention on medicine.
After suffering ill-health, herself, she retired as a police officer and, in 1978, was hired by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where she studied and then taught as an EMT and Paramedic instructor. It was there she became well known for her work with the Dallas Fire Department, then in its early days of establishing a national reputation for paramedical work.
Many of those who would become paramedics and EMTs, saving lives across Texas in future years, would owe their skills and expertise to Diane Reid. “Our courses were fast paced and demanded a lot from our students,” said her former colleague and friend of four decades, Carol Ferguson. “In addition to the core knowledge through lectures, students had to practice and acquire proficiency in a variety of psychomotor skills. Diane’s patience, calm presence and encouragement was a recipe for student success. They would gravitate to her and she patiently tutored them on many occasions before and after normal class hours.”
“I don’t know anyone she interacted with who didn’t like her,” said former Emergency Medical Service Coordinator Paula Bone.
By 1981, Diane was promoted to EMT Class Coordinator, also working on a Continuing Education program with area emergency services, including the Dallas Fire Department. The purpose was to keep paramedics and EMTs up to date on the latest training and developments in the treatment of trauma.
In 1985, she left Dallas to move to New York to enroll at the esteemed City University of New York John Jay College of Criminal Justice. There, she graduated in 1986 with a Master of Arts Degree in Forensic Psychology.
Returning to the Dallas area, she put her new expertise to work in a fledgling business, advising lawyers as a jury consultant and trial counsellor.
Dallas attorney R. Jack Ayres recalls Diane worked with him on as many as 100 cases, both as an expert adviser and as an investigator. “Diane worked with me sometimes on witness preparation, sometimes on theme development (for questioning in trials). In every case, she helped me pick juries. She was very, very good at that. I don’t recall a single case that Diane worked on that we lost.”
Given the breadth of her background, he said, Diane was “a reasonable, rational, pro-law enforcement person. But she knew that there were some who should not have a badge and a gun.
“She enjoyed the hunt. And she was as good as anybody I’ve ever had at streamlining the testimony of experts — simplifying what seemed to be extremely complex and making it understandable. You could not ask for a finer, more loyal friend, for somebody who gave so much of their life to do good for the benefit of other people. One of the finest people I’ve ever met.”
Others who worked with her agreed. Diane was a charter member of The Colony chapter of the American Business Women Association (ABWA), a national women’s organization. ABWA brings together businesswomen of diverse occupations to provide personal and professional growth through leadership, education, networking support and recognition. “Diane was an intricate part of our association, chairing or serving on numerous committees,” said an ABWA official, Bernetta Henville-Shannon.
Diane held several positions in the group and was recognized as the chapter’s Woman of the Year for her exceptional leadership and tireless commitment to the group and the region. “If there was a need, Diane was there,” Ms. Henville-Shannon said.
Diane Reid retired recently from her consulting business. Before the corona virus pandemic emerged, she had been scheduled to speak at a gathering of the Wise County Veterans Group to recall her time of those MAC flights in and out of Vietnam.
“Unfortunately,” she told a friend, “I have to put that off for a while – until this virus is under control.”
But Diane’s time ran out. Now her sister, Cherie, is making arrangements to donate the apron with the treasured memorabilia to a new museum established by that group.
Diane Reid is survived by her sister, Cherie Meredith; her brother, Mark Reid; nephews Ryan Reid and Michael Reid and niece Nikki Camp; and two great-nephews and two great-nieces.
Due to the corona virus, there will be no funeral service.
Donations in Diane Reid’s memory can be made to the American Diabetes Association.

Margaret Kincaid


Laura Wiedenmann

Laura Lee (Pare) Wiedenmann, a long-time resident of Overland Park, Kansas, passed away peacefully on January 22, 2020 at the age of 94. Laura was born in Marshall, Missouri on September 22, 1925 to Oscar and Ruby Pare.

Laura grew up in Marshall, Missouri and graduated from Missouri Valley College in 1947. After graduation, she moved to Kansas City, Missouri and worked for Mid-Continent Airlines as a flight attendant. She had many fond memories of flying on DC-3 airplanes. While in Kansas City, Laura met her future husband, George Robert Wiedenmann Jr. and they were married on January 29, 1950. They were blessed with four children and a loving marriage of 57 years.

Laura pursued career opportunities with the Squire Magazine and Braniff Airlines. She and her husband loved to travel which included trips to South America and Hawaii. She and George were avid Chiefs fans, attending many games as season ticket holders. Laura was so excited that the Chiefs were headed to Super Bowl LIV prior to her passing.

After George became confined to a wheelchair, Laura spent over 20 years providing for his care until his death in 2007.

Laura was a member of Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, Kansas City Chapter of Clipped B’s, Daughters of Old Westport and the Westport Historical Society.

Kay Felts


Gerre Ann Waterson


Will Beal

Husband of Kathy Beal

The family sadly announces his passing after a long illness at the age of 84.

Born to Coleman Beal and Stella Gordon in Greggton, TX.

In his teens, his mother married RC Simmons who raised him as his own along with his three brothers.

He attended Crozier Tech HS and Southern Methodist University. He worked at Braniff for over 15 years and finished his career as a Petroleum Landman CLP. Over the years he resided in Dallas, Tyler and San Antonio. He was an avid and excellent golfer who recently shot his age. He loved the outdoors, spending many hours hunting and fishing. He was an active member of the Methodist Church always teaching Sunday School or Bible study. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge (60 years), the Alzafar Shriner Golf Unit and the Petroleum Club.

He will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 48 years, Kathy Buxkemper Beal, his twin brother Wiley Beal (Charlan) and his children, Vicki McDonald (Stephen) and Lorri Reese (Don).

He will be greatly missed by his five grandchildren,

Stephanie Edgar (Clint), Tracy Whitehead, Amy Wagner (Ethan), Benton McDonald, and Morgan Reese and great grandchildren Emma, Leah, Mary Margaret, Charlotte, Wyatt, Weslynn and Winsley.

Not to mention his many nieces, nephews and numerous friends.

He is preceded in death by his parents and brothers Ralph Beal and Gordon Beal.

Memorial Services will be held at the Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Tuesday June 16th at 11:00 am. In lieu of flowers donations to the Shriners Hospital for Children, or a charity of your choice.

Patricia Stiffler


Al Johnson

Al Johnson served his country in the Navy during World War II. After the war he worked for the Celanese Corporation. Then Al joined the Air Force and was in the first class to be commissioned in the new blue uniforms. He joined Braniff in 1956 and came back to Braniff 2 and Braniff 3. Al was living in Maryville, TN and was 93 years old when he passed away June 14, 2020.

Sharyn Finnegan found Al’s daughter, Donna Reid, and learned that there were no services planned and that Al wanted to be cremated with his ashes scattered across a mountain top near Artemas, Pennsylvania where he and his late brother, Ron Johnson (also a Braniff pilot), were born.

Nelleke Keller


Russell Moehle

Russell Moehle passed away June 11, 2020, around 10 pm. He had been in declining health for some time and had been hospitalized recently. Russell was a heart transplant survivor for twenty-three years, but in the last two years had been suffering from multiple medical issues. At the end of April, I learned that Russell didn’t want further medical treatment. Russell had decided that he wanted to be cremated and didn’t want any services. He is survived by his son, Todd Simmons, and his daughter, Terri Mullin.

Russell began his professional life flying Twin Otters for Conoco Oil in Ponca City, OK. Then he got a government job flying VIPs all over the world. Russell started flying for Braniff in 1965 and came back to Braniff 2; staying until the second bankruptcy in 1989. After his airline days, Russell co-owned a car rental company and then formed his own construction company. Russell served on the Braniff International Silver Eagles (BISE) Board of Directors from 2011-2018. Russell was living in the Dallas area but more recently had moved to Canton, TX to be near his family.

Rick Marshall

Charlie Stitz called to let us know that Rick Marshall passed away in Austin on 5-17-20.
Rick flew for BI from 1976-1989, then went on to fly for Delta until 2016.

Louise Davis Woodward


Glen Smith


Capt John Tapley

John Tapley, 90, of Arlington, Texas, passed away April 16, 2020 with family by his side.

He lived along the gulf coast until his family settled in Houston, where he became an altar boy and an Eagle Scout. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1952 where he was a member of the Fish Drill Team, a Yell Leader and a Squadron Commander. He was active duty as an USAF pilot (F-86), reservist and Texas Air Guard. In 1965 he transferred to the Naval Air Reserve and flew the F-8 Crusader. John was a commanding Officer of a Naval Air Reserve fighter squadron, and retired as a Captain. He flew for Braniff Airlines for 32 years, and was Chief Pilot from 1985 to 1990. He also served many years as a simulator instructor at American Airlines. His aviation career spanned fifty years. He was a member of The Daedalians, an organization of military aviators, the Tailhook Association, and the Braniff International Silver Eagles.

John was a loving husband, father and grandfather. He is survived by his wife Carolyn, his son Kyle, his daughter Julie, his grandsons William and John, and nephews Robert and Michael. He is preceded in death by his brother Charles, and his son David. John’s generous spirit and sense of humor will continue on in the hearts of his family and friends.

A service will be scheduled at a later date at the DFW National Cemetery.

Jean Bartosh


Mayo Crum

With sadness we notify you that Mayo Crum, husband of Yvonne Crum who flew from 1964-1989, died on April 2 after a lengthy illness. Yvonne and Mayo have been married 52 years.

We send our condolences to Yvonne and her family.

The Clipped B Board

Mayo Paul Crum, Jr., beloved husband, father and grandfather, passed away peacefully on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at Walnut Place in Dallas, Texas. Mayo was born August 1, 1937 in Dallas, TX to Jeanne and Paul Crum (both preceded him in death). He is survived by his loving wife, Yvonne; son, Michael Patrick Crum; sisters Carolyn Crum Reed (Bobby) and Jeannie Crum Fortson (Joe B); one grandchild, Samantha Jordan Crum. Mayo was preceded in death by his son M. Paul Crum III and brother William Robert Crum. Mayo graduated from Highland Park High School and Southern Methodist University. He was president of M. P. Crum Company, president of Dallas Mortgage Bankers. Mayo was a former member of the Dallas Country Club, SAE Fraternity, Calyx, and enjoyed playing golf. A memorial service will be scheduled later. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas

Yvonne Crum
10625 Northboro
Dallas, TX 75230

Sandra McGill


Pat Greer Harris

With much sadness we notify you that Pat Greer Harris died March 18 of Lewy Body Dementia. Pat flew from 1966 to 1986 and was married to Braniff pilot Paul Harris. Pat loved Braniff and the Clipped B’s, and was an active member until her illness prevented her from participating. No obituary has been posted to date. A celebration of life will be held in the future. Cards may be sent to Paul at:

6335 West NW Highway, Apt. 1013, Dallas, TX 75225.

We extend our sympathies to Paul and his family.

Ray Craighead


Linda Glover


Chuck Martin

Charles Davis “Chuck” Martin (January 12, 1940-March 12, 2020)

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Chuck attended the University of South Carolina before serving in the South Carolina Air National Guard and Texas Air National Guard. He went to work for Braniff Airlines in 1966 and later Piedmont and USAirways. He loved hunting, skiing, motorcycle trips, boating, working on his jeeps and spending time with lifelong friends.

He passed away at home in Blaine, Washington. He will be laid to rest with his parents in South Carolina

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Ramona, his daughter Claire, of Redmond, Washington, son Mark, daughter-in-law Marianne and granddaughter Madeleine of Calabasas, California.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to:

Good Samaritan Society-Stafholt
456 C Street
Blaine, Washington 98230

The Stewpot
1835 Young Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

Whatcom Hospice
2800 Douglas Avenue
Bellingham, Washington 98225

Tom Kyger


Anna Lee Weiss


David Grant

Husband of Jane Grant


Teddy Hoge


Pinky Wagner


Kristin Rathnow

Kristin Rathnow passed away unexpectedly in the hospital 11-25-19. Kristin was a German Speaker for Braniff and flew from 68-82. I’m not sure if she did BNF 2. She had been with AA for many years also as a German speaker. She is survived by 2 brothers. She was living in Baltimore and based in Philadelphia when she passed away. Her beother sent Joyce Martin a letter and included his address in Germany if anyone wants to send cards. I posted this on the Braniff Clipped B’s FB group, but didn’t send to you. I posted in the group that she has passed away suddenly.

Lutz Rathnow

Anna Weiss


Lloyd Jones

Just wanted to let you know that my father Lloyd A. Jones passed away New Year’s Eve at 11:30 pm. I think my mom or dad had written something to say at this time for the Braniff list. I will let you know.

Blue skies,
Jeff Jones

Lloyd Jones served both in the Army and the Air Force. He flew for Braniff 1956-1982. In 1983 Lloyd flew for Overseas National (ONA) before coming back for another year at Braniff 2. He then went to United and finally retired in 1990. Lloyd was living with his wife Dee in Tampa, FL and was 92 years old when he passed away.

Tom Brewer

After serving all presidents from Ronald Regan through Barack Obama, serving in most olympics since Atlanta, celebrating 50 years of marriage, locking the gun safe, and turning off the ham radios, Tom has decided to rest.
He had a long struggle with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and left us at the age of 76. His last days were spent with the loves of his life, Clint, the son who made him so proud and Becky, a loving wife, who were so honored to care for him. He was also blessed to spend many hours with wonderful family and friends.
He is preceded in death by his parents, Hubert Joseph and Thelma Inez Pirtle Brewer, his sister Denise Jackson, sister-in-law Janis Gentry Williams and father- in- law James Carthel Gentry.
Tom had a gifted wit and sense of humor that kept everyone belly laughing. He always had a joke or story that you’d probably already heard, but got funnier every time because of new embellishments each time told.
He was a friend on whom you could depend. One said, “It is rare to keep friends for a lifetime,” but he did. Another said, “He changed my life forever.” Other phrases came up like, “loaned me money because my need was greater than his, bought a tire when I had a blowout, came and got me when my mother died, bailed out my repossessed vehicle, and let me live with him at a difficult time.” He did those things because he loved, had a kind heart and learned from friends who had done similar things for him. Thank you friends. He will be missed by so many who loved him.
Tom was a man of strong quiet faith. He loved the Lord and his church family.
He was extremely pleased to serve numerous charities in our area.
He is survived by Rebecca D. and Clint Brewer, a sister Del Gearhart, brother Alan Brewer along with cousins, nieces, nephews and many, many friends.
Instead of a formal service, there will be a “come and go” at our home, 2405 Meadow Creek, Carrollton on Saturday, January 18th from 2-4. Please come and share stories that he shared with you.
Becky and Clint want to thank all who have visited, called, texted, brought food, flowers and so many other displays of comfort. A special thank you to Ameristar and Vitas Hospices who so kindly cared for Tom.
Donations can be made to Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society, 12895 Josey Ln., Ste. 124-449, Dallas, TX 75234 or Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s societies.
Please share with anyone who may have interest.

Helen Parker

Helen Jean (Alexander) Parker of Allen, Texas passed away on December 8, 2019 at the age of 86. She was born on September 19, 1933 to Eddie Millard Alexander and Ethel Eveline Newman in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Helen married William Knight Parker on May 16, 1966 in Dallas, Texas. She worked as a flight attendant for Braniff International Airways from which she retired to start a family with Bill. Helen also had her private pilot’s license. Even after retiring, she loved traveling. Her family will all remember her as a great cook. Helen attended Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church. She was a long time member of the “Clipped B’s”, the Braniff International Retired Flight Attendants Association.

Helen is survived by her son, Scott Howell Parker and his wife, Janet of Allen, Texas; stepdaughters, Carol Crowder of Florence, Texas and Pam Helton and husband, Dwaine of Mesquite, Texas; stepson, William K. Parker, Jr. and his wife, Ahnna of Lubbock, Texas; grandsons, Justin Parker and Travis Parker, both of Allen, Texas; numerous other loving family and friends.

She was preceded in death by her husband, William Knight Parker; parents; and brother, Eddie Alexander.

A funeral service will be held at 2:00 p.m., Friday, December 13, 2019 at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home Chapel, 2525 Central Expressway North, Allen, Texas 75013. Interment is to follow at Ridgeview Memorial Park in Allen. The family will receive friends during a visitation on Thursday evening from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the funeral home.


Alfred Hendrickson


David Bradley


Orville Rogers


It is with sadness so great that I must inform you of the loss of Braniff International Captain Orville Curtis Rogers today, Thursday, November 14, 2019. Captain Rogers was 101 years old and what an amazing and full life he lived. You may remember, Orville was our 2017 recipient of the Braniff Airways Foundation Hall of Fame Award and we had the privilege of taking part in the filming of his amazing documentary last year called RUNNING MAN.

Orville, or Orv as he was known to his friends, had been ill for awhile with a heart problem, which required surgery that had curtailed his running. This had really struck his massive and strong will. I knew the last time I talked with him before the Conference that he was not as chipper as he normally was during our conversations.

A Celebration of Life ceremony will be held on Monday, Nov. 25 at the Historic Sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 11AM.

Lets all remember this great man. I remember him most for his magnificent ability to put personal differences aside and get to know all people for who they are. That is truly remarkable trait to be remembered for in anyone’s lifetime.

This clip was just released on Channel 8 News earlier this evening:


Thank you as always

Anne Beck


Harriet Dobbs


Esther Ellis

With sadness we notify you that Esther “Diddy” Ellis, who flew for Braniff from 1952-1955, died October 25. Services for Esther will be held on Monday, October 28, at 11:00 am at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 7611 Park Lane, Dallas, 75225, followed by a private interment at Sparkman Hillcrest and public reception at the church. Esther is survived by her husband Arthur Ellis, daughter Frances Ellis Fox, son Dr. Thomas Ellis, and five grandchildren.


Helen “Hoppy” Adair has known Esther since high school, and they both started flying for Braniff in 1952. Both Esther and Helen have been longtime Clipped B members, a bond that connects us all.

Condolences may be sent to:

Arthur Ellis, 3724 Wentwood, Dallas 75225.

We extend our sympathies to the Ellis family.

The Clipped B Board

Julia Campbell


Billie Morrow


Woody Wicker



Woody Wicker’s daughter, Brooke Alexander, reported that her Dad passed away this past Sunday from a heart attack. Per Woody’s wishes he will be cremated, but services have not been finalized.

Woody sent this autobiography in a few years ago:

As far as my start in aviation I learned to fly when a sophomore in H.S. by my Sunday school teacher who was an ex-airforce (WW2) instructor. I worked week ends for the crop dusting business my dad and partner owned building time moving cut back cub dusters from Pecos in west Texas to the Corpus Christi area in South Texas another one of our operations, I did this until old enough to get a private license and when I showed up in Midland, Texas and the C.A.A. looked at my log book with about 250 hrs he certainly took a long hard look at me, wondering what my problem was, until I explained the situation. I got my Commercial while a senior in H.S. and started crop dusting in the summer in the cut back J-3 cubs and moved up to our Stearmans with the 450 PW until 1960 however I few charters out of Pecos, Texas also around the Southwest – 1958 flew Ralph Yarborough over the state campaigning for governor of Texas. I was also Billy Sol Estes pilot off and on during this time – C-310 & D-50 Beechcraft. Graduated college spring 1960. 1961 was volunteered for a stint in Thailand until early 1962. Back in Pecos I resumed crop dusting and flying for Billy Sol Estes. 1966 I was hired by the Cessna company to work on the new Ag-Wagon crop sprayer they were developing and also did demonstration flights in all of the Cessna line of aircraft. During a trip to Dallas I went to the Braniff offices and American office at Love Field and applied for job, Braniff called me in July (Capt. Jim Peckam) and hired for the October 3, 1966 class. B-707 S/O, Dallas, B-707 S/O & Reserve F/O PAC MAC Travis AFB. BRANIFF years were fun – fun.

Patricia Wagoner


Debbie Stephens


Jerry Wolfe

Wally Nicholson reports that Jerry Wolfe died yesterday after a long illness. Services are pending.

Jerry was hired by Braniff in 1958 and came back to Braniff. He retired after the second bankruptcy. Jerry was 88 years old when he passed away and was living with his wife, Shirley, in Richardson, TX.

Stan Wied


Alphonso Rosborough

Al passed away Wednesday. He flew for Braniff 1974-1989. While at Braniff, he also worked In Flight Attendant training. After Braniff 2, Al went to NW airlines and was still at Delta at the time of his death.

Joanne Hallberg


Thoughts & Prayers


Carol and Jim were married 49 years and have one son Jeffrey, daughter-in-law Laurel, and grandson Mason. Jim and Carol’s first blind date was to see Ray Charles, but their second date was to visit the Tower at Love Field. Jim’s love of Braniff and aviation was just as strong as Carol’s. Jim will be interred at the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church columbarium (family service only), which has been Carol’s church since she was 12 years old. Her parents were founding members of PHPC.

Cards or notes sent to Carol would be greatly appreciated.

4569 Crosstimber Dr. Plano, TX 75093

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to T. Boone Pickens Faith Presbyterian Hospice or the charity of your choice.

We extend our sympathies to Carol and her family.

The Clipped B Board

Ethel Benedict


Dr. Della Perfetti


Henry Benson


Thoughts & Prayers

Our thoughts and prayers are with Barbara Walker who just lost her brother to cancer.

Paula Metcalf fell and fractured her hip and is in rehab until September 10th.

Barbara Pogue


Barbara Terrell Lyle


Carolyn Cotten


Smokey Vanover


Visitation will be Monday, August 19 from 6-9PM at First Colleyville Baptist Church, 5300 Colleyville Blvd. Colleyville, Texas

Services will be Tuesday, August 20 at 2PM at First Colleyville Baptist Church, Colleyville, Tx with a short graveside ceremony at Bluebonnet Hills Cemetery, 5725 Colleyvilleville Blvd, Colleyville immediately following the service ( about 3pm).

There will be a reception at Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home following the graveside service.

His son is Chuck (wife Stacie) Vanover and Smokey’s wife is Jan Vanover.

Pamela Wirtz


Della Perfetti


Jean Collier


Karen Henyan


Mary Little


Rachel Mandell

President of the Clipped B’s Houston Chapter


Marie Fischer


James Geuea


George Gantous


Nancy Dewar


Patricia “Pat” Cobb

Patricia Songer Cobb passed away on May 23, 2019 after a long struggle with dementia. She was surrounded by loved ones and at peace at the time of death.

Pat was a true “Okie from Muskogee,” born on August 19, 1942, to parents Dorothy Lee Songer and Burrel LeRoy Songer. As a girl, she moved with her mother to Tulsa, where she attended Central High School. After graduation, Pat became one of the Pucci-clad flight attendants of the trendsetting Braniff Airlines. She was a part-time fashion model in Houston, where she fell in love with Candler “Candy” Cobb. The couple married in Las Vegas in 1971 and honeymooned in Acapulco. In Houston, Pat and Candy had a son, Russell Cobb, in 1974.

After Candy died in 1980, Pat went back to college, balancing motherhood, work, and school. She found a second career in 1991 as the manager of the bookstore for UCAT, now known as OSU-Tulsa. She also worked as a daycare teacher, retailer, and finally as a bookkeeper for All Souls Church, whose passion for inclusivity and justice she shared.

Pat fired on all cylinders: She loved gardening, dog-walking, house-sitting, and pursuing garage sales. She was a dedicated, compassionate, and loving mother, grandmother, and friend, always quick to lend a hand or share a laugh over a glass of chardonnay. She lived for Saturday morning brunches with her Breakfast Club and hanging out on her front porch with her friend, Sunny. She was a dedicated bargain-hunter but always managed to seem effortlessly elegant. She was also always up for any adventure, small or large, and threw herself into helping out like it was the most fun anyone had ever had.

Pat is survived by her son, Russ; daughter-in-law, Rachel Hertz Cobb; and grandsons, Henry and August Cobb, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Services will be held at All Souls Unitarian Church on Thursday, May 30, at 4:00pm.

Memorial contributions can be sent to the Alzheimers Association.


Linda McGaha Smith

To all former Braniff Family members,
It is with a shattered heart and tears in my eyes I regretfully pass on to you the loss of one of our best and my closest friends, Linda MaGaha Milne Smith. Linda was born August 30, 1946 in Oak Grove, West Carroll Parrish, Louisiana. An angel to all that knew her, she left our physical world on May 13, 2019 after losing her battle with cancer in Clearwater, Florida. I went to see her in February, she told me this was one fight she couldn’t win. She was her same happy self, remembering all the great times, and accepting what was to come- peace. ” This is not good bye or farewell but we will see each other up the line-and we will! ”

Linda began her career at Braniff as a flight attendant in 1967. After a time she left and flew for American for the next few years. She came back to Braniff 2 as an Inflight Supervisor in Dallas and was instrumental in rebuilding the Flight Attendant Department and re-training our Flight Attendants.

In 1986 Linda married her soul mate, Dwight “Rick” Smith, and spent the next 33 years together building and operating numerous companies all based on the improvement of life for others. Their life together was full of love and family and each year she would tell me it was the best one yet! Always positive and ready for the next adventure.
Linda left our lives as she had entered them, full of joy, happiness, and with positive thoughts that each of us would live our lives to the fullest as she had hers.

A light dims and a star brightens as Linda leaves us, forever in our hearts, she will be missed. When you think of her, tell an old airline story and smile, she will!

Idy Jones


Orvis L’Roy


New Facebook Group

April 3, 2019 we started Braniff Clipped B’s Facebook group. In 24 hours we had 100 members and today 335. Braniff Clipped B’s is a closed group only for former Braniff Flight Attendants. Our group has 2 admin: Jean Jordan and Barbara Burnett . There are easy questions to answer to be added to group . We are having lots of fun, lots of pictures and memories that still bring a tear or two. Hope you will join us on Facebook soon. Thanks Jean Jordan

Norma Cousins


Rose King


William “Pappy” Boynton


Funeral Service Mon, 4/15/19, 2:30 pm DFW National Cemetery

Dick Strohmeier

Dick Strohmeier passed away this afternoon. Dick’s daughter, Dana Helton, was with her Dad when he passed. Even though Dick’s son and grandson were both enroute, they didn’t make it in time to say goodbye. Anticipated services are posted in the Comfort Care message below. Dick Strohmeier was 84 years old when he died.

Dick wrote the following just a few years ago:

I entered USAF Aviation Cadet School in January, 1956 through the ”Guard Pipeline”. I flew the T-34A, T-28A and T-33 during training, graduated in April, 1957, then returned to the SDANG 175 FIS. I flew F-94C, F-89D, H, J and the F-102. I transferred to the IAANG 174 TFG 1n 1962 and flew the F-100C until 1967.

I was hired by Braniff in June, 1966 and was with BI until March, 1982. During that time, I flew the Convair 340/440, L-188, BAC – 111, B-727 and B-707. I was hired by Piedmont in November, 1982 and was with Piedmont/USAir until 1993, flying the B737 and F-28.

After retirement the last day of 1993, I did what a lot of new retirees do, just wandered around trying to find myself. I tried showing my wife what she’d been doing wrong around the house all those years when I’d been gone on trips. She suggested I find some work outside the house, so I became the Executive Director of the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce from Aug, 1994 to May, 1997. Having no prior experience in that field, I reinvented the wheel every day. I came out of that position with a few good stories, no major damage, and went into full retirement.

In late 1998, I auditioned at a community theatre for A Christmas Carol and got a small part. Since then, I’ve attended some acting classes and workshops, done about 30 full-length plays with theatre groups throughout the Triad area, quite a few short plays, 8 short films, one full-length film and a few commercials. I’ve just been cast in Cheaper By The Dozen as the father, Mr. Gilbreth.

I’ve read about a small study that was done in a retirement community to determine what activities might contribute to preservation of brain function. Findings showed that, while some activities helped certain areas of the brain, acting provided the best overall benefit for the brain.

I’ve enjoyed acting a great deal. Community Theatre doesn’t provide any income, but I’ve made a lot of new friends and it keeps me off the streets.

As an aside, my wife died in 2003. I had planned to audition for a part in Inherit The Wind, which was scheduled for the day after she passed. I went to the audition with the idea of having something to do that would keep me both busy and surrounded with friends for a couple of months. I did get the part and being with a surrogate family provided a great deal of support during that early healing period.

Tina Dinkins

Tina Dinkins, daughter of Francine Giles House Dawe, former Braniff flight attendant and flight attendant supervisor, passed away on March 17, 2019, at age 61. Tina had suffered from chronic heart problems for several years prior to her death. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 11:00AM at Open Range Fellowship Church, 9950 Hwy 80, Greenwood, LA.

Cards may be sent to Francine at 10416 Plum Creek Dr, Shreveport LA 71106

Bill Pace

William (Bill) Pace passed away quietly & easily riding home from a dinner out with us, on February 8. Bill first moved to Murphy in 1968. After living in both Plano & Green Valley, AZ for a number of years , 10 years ago he came back to Murphy. He had been employed by TI & then Raytheon for 42 years. He was born in Lou Ann, Arkansas As a child, his family moved around but by Jr high the family had settled in Gladewater, TX. Graduating from Gladewater H.S. in 1957, it was on to Texas A&M; followed by 4 years in the Air Force. He went on to Texas A & M Commerce, to get his Masters Degree. He enjoyed cruising, & all kind of traveling,fine dining, & time with his family; He is survived by sons, Steven Pace & Melissa, John Rogers & Judy & Jeff Rogers $ Stacey; daughter Wendy Rogers &, Grandson Joshua Rogers & wife of 29 years Sherry Pace.. After over 2 years being ill from emergency surgery, the Lord invited him to come up to dance with the angels.

Celebration of life will be held at Niki’s Bistro on Saturday April 6. It will be a come & go type of event so as not to interfere with your weekend plans too much. Niki’s is located on the SE corner of FM 544 & Murphy Road (behind McDonalds)
Burial of ashes will be at the National Cemetery of Dallas on Monday at 1:00pm

Arrangements for overnight guests will be at La Quinta of Wylie about a mile &1/2 from our home.

Susan Moloughney


Sally Cole


Dr Ashby Harris

With sadness we notify you that Dr. Ashby Harris, Mary Ann Harris’ husband, died yesterday afternoon following a lengthy illness. Mary Ann and Ashby enjoyed a long and wonderful marriage. Together they have two daughters and six grandchildren. Mary Ann is spending time with her family and no further information is available at this time. We will share any details when they become available.

We send our sympathies to Mary Ann and her family.


Merlin Hauan

Merlin Reuben “Bear” Hauan was born October 7, 1937, in Seattle, Washington, into the loving Christian household of Reuben and Selma Hauan. Captain Hauan took flight on his final journey on February 25, 2019, in Dallas.

Merlin’s extraordinary trip through life exemplified commitment, adventure, perseverance and sacrifice. Everyone always mentioned his smile, his decorum, how he treated people…all the while maintaining a great sense of humor (“Hauan – like how-in the heck are ya?”)

His early years nurtured what would become a lifelong love of being on the water and in the outdoors, playing cowboys and Indians and sharing sports with his brother, Alan. Their uncle had fishing boats and Merlin later joined the Coast Guard. An expert snow-skier and PNSA-certified instructor and member of the Mt. Spokane ski patrol, once he skipped a test at Whitworth University to save a person on the mountain. He worked for the forest service as a firefighter, even managing a team of convicts in a chain gang. He was an avid motorcyclist, traveling stateside and riding through Europe with his dearest friend Dale, and when a motorcycle accident changed his life, he changed too…but never wavered.

Merlin’s great passion was flying. He was a distinguished Captain for Braniff Airlines. After Braniff’s demise, he flew overnight mail routes from Detroit to LA for Kalitta Air even as he lived in San Angelo, Texas. This required a commute from Mathis Field in San Angelo to DFW to Detroit — a whole day just to get to work — and after completing his mail route, a whole day to get back home. He also spent a year piloting cargo flights around Africa, based in Kenya…a difficult job that would take him from Denison, Texas, to Greenland, and to Egypt before arriving in Nairobi. Later in his career he flew for Ultrair out of Houston to New York – again having to commute just to start his flights. Before ultimately retiring from commercial aviation, he flew freight for Ameristar out of Addison Airport near Dallas. These sacrifices of time away from family were for his family, and that is the best part of Merlin’s story.

The real adventure began when he met Tissie Enochs through her friend, Sherry, at Braniff. She invited him home to a reunion at her family’s ranch in Eldorado, Texas…and thus began a courtship, friendship, and lifelong love that overcame adversity, celebrated joys and created a shining example of devotion.

They enjoyed travel, snow-skiing with the Braniff Ski Club and time in Eldorado. They married in 1971 on a date strategically timed around the opening of dove season, which allowed Merlin and Tissie’s dad Pat to build on a fond relationship that would continue to the end of Pat’s life. They welcomed daughters Kristin and Julie. Merlin was devoted to all “his girls.” And together they built a life they loved.

Merlin was a big man with a giant heart and everlasting faith. He is survived by his wife Tissie Hauan, daughters Kristin (Michael) Jolly and Julie (Jason) Sickles, grandchildren Peyton and Patrick Jolly, brother Alan (Yvonne) Hauan, nieces and nephews, and many friends in Alaska, Washington state, Texas and beyond.

Note: There will be a private service later for the family.

Donna Stringer


Nita Rowan


Barbara Loux


Leslie Graf


Thomas Steele


Rex Winters


Shirley Bunn


Kristan McCully


Kenneth Holder


Vikki Anderson-Maultsby

Victoria Elizabeth Anderson (McMann), passed away on Jan. 4 at the age of 73, surrounded by loving family and with her favorite song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” playing in the background. A beloved wife and mother, cherished friend, and great lover of many furry friends over the years, Vikki brought caring, dignity and elegance with her wherever she went. And she went all over the world, first as a flight attendant for 20 years at Braniff Airlines and later on in her career in accident investigation for the FAA in Washington, D.C. Her tireless work over the years, along with many others’, helped to make the skies safer for all of us. Vikki is survived by her husband George Maultsby, daughters Nichole & Jenny, sons Scott & George III, and “her favorite child,” Sunny, a certified therapy dog, along with her grandchildren Andrew, Stephanie, Audrey and Charlotte, family, and countless friends and colleagues. Memorial services will be held in Hurst, TX, at United Methodist Church on Jan. 26th, and in St. Augustine, FL on Feb. 9th at Craig Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donation may be made to FOHA,

For anyone planning to attend Vikki’s service in Hurst this Saturday please RSVP to

Patricia Warner


Dave Cody

Jodie Cody’s husband, Dave, passed away the morning of December 18 in a Mesquite, TX, rehabilitation hospital near his home after a 10 year battle with cancer, which started with a melanoma. No services. Dave requested his ashes be spread on the Muskogee River in Michigan where he spent time fishing with Jodie and friends. Jodie, Marisa (his daughter) and granddaughter will meet by the river in April to say a final goodbye.
Jodie’s address is 9505 Baskerville, Rockwall, TX 75087.
Dave Cody served his country in the Army 1958-1960. He was hired by Braniff in 1964. He came back to Braniff 2 and Braniff 3. Along the way, Dave also flew for ONA, Buffalo Airways, the US Postal Service, Hawaii Express, Kitty Hawk, Polar Air Cargo, Connie Kalitta, Bahamasair and Ameristar and 5 others. In fact Dave is the Braniff record holder for having flown for the most airlines – 17 including all three versions of Braniff. Dave’s wife, Jodie, was the widow of Braniff pilot, Lee Pitcher. Dave was living in Rockwall, TX and was 81 years old when he passed away.

Peggy Nadolski


Donna Uhler Stringer


Camille Cheryl Turner


Barbara Martell


Mary Chappell


Dirk Tollenaar


Lynda Anderson

From Barbara Shumaker:

Received sad news today my dear friend and Braniff flying buddy Lynda Anderson passed away from cancer. She was such a kind sole, adoring mother and animal lover. I’m sure God wrapped you in his loving arms when you got to heaven and I can see you smiling. You will be missed my friend but I’m sure I’ll see you again one day.

Brandi McMinn

I would not normally do this but this is an exception for an old and valued friend. Cindy McMinn, who was in my original Braniff International class in 1974 , is the mother-in-law to Brandi who is married to her son. Brandi is starting her third trimester when she had a series of seizures. Doctor have determined that she has a serious brain tumor and surgery puts their baby at great risk. They do have medical insurance but it has a high deductible. Any assistance you can give will earn you my thanks and the affection of Cindy and her family. My Braniff friends will remember her as Cindy Kebabjian and she was a DFW-based flight attendant and supervisor and a beautiful and wicked funny friend. So I cast out the net to my Braniff family to help one of our own. and #allinformcminn


Shirley Hess


Ruth Moore-Wilson


Aline Liles Spotts


Dan Clark

Dan Clark passed away Wednesday, 10/11. Services at Lucas Funeral Home 1100 10/20/18.
Dan Clark began his professional life in the Marine Corps. He was hired by Braniff in 1967. Post Braniff found Dan at Piedmont Airlines and USAir after the merger. Dan retired in 1995 and was living in Bedford, TX with his wife, Trudy. He was 83 years old when he passed away.

Earl Hudman

Earl Hudman, husband of Clipped B member Ruthie Hudman (58-64), died on October 1 after a brief illness. A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, October 10 at 2:00 p.m.

Park Cities Baptist Church, Ellis Chapel, 3933 Northwest Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75225.

Ruthie Hudman
9133 Villa Park Cr.
Dallas, TX 75225


Bob Gunn

UPDATE: Bob Gunn passed away at 2:02 this afternoon Oct 11, 2018.

UPDATE: His condition is rapidly deteriorating and that he has been moved to:

Faith Presbyterian Hospice
T Boone Pickens Facility
12477 Merit Drive
Dallas, TX 75251
Cards are appreciated. Prayers are requested

ORIGINAL: We just received word from Shirley Gunn that Bob has had a stroke and he has been moved to the Faith Presbyterian Hospice in Plano. She has requested that cards and letter be sent to him at their home address:

Bob Gunn
1609 Old Course Drive
Plano, TX 75093

Jeanne Knapp

A friend, Jeanne Knapp, who flew for Braniff in the 1960’s out of MSP, past away Sunday, September 9th. If you knew her, and would like to send a card to her daughter, I’m sure she would appreciate it.

Kimberly Boyce, 8435 NE 137th St., Kirkland, WA 98034-1719.

Jeanne is the dark haired lady in the front. This photo was taken in 2013 at a Braniff reunion in Minneapolis.

Lewis Wilson


Pete Krause


Betty Hazlett


George Purcell

Husband of Donna Bennett Purcell


Roberta Brown


Christine DiPalma


Carol MacNamara


Willard Baker

Husband of Clipped B Martha Baker


Jacqueline Vetter


Barbara Jackson


Sharon Mallory


Linda Masopust


Linda Masopust 77, passed away in her sleep, at her home in Layton Utah. May 20. She was the daughter of Jim and Blanch Masopust, born March 9th 1941 in Okla. City, Okla. She is survived by her sister, Carol VanHorn of Okla. City and her brother, Paul Masopust of Layton Utah. She attended Okla. University but her passion to fly and travel, led her to become a flight attendant for Braniff Airlines for 22 years. She later worked as a librarian at the Vacaville Ca. library where she retired in 2006. She loved all animals and lived a full life. She will be truly missed by family and friends.

Dianne Laffoon

It is with great sadness this Monday morning we found out Dianne Laffoon passed away June 5. She was at the Braniff Fly in May 28. I have no more details.We have now learned that Dianne died in her sleep.  Our thoughts and prayers for family and Friends. Dianne flew for Braniff 1969-1989. Her current address in the yearbook is Lexington KY. Dianne was still currently with AA and was on medical leave from a fall on crew staircase for bunk beds. Her friends in KY are working on Obit for Dianne. I will send out when I receive. I have called the flight Museum and asked if they could let us have space for celebration of life. I haven’t heard back from the CEO.

Jean Jordan

Virginia White Bowie Skelton

Virginia was born on July 25, 1924 and passed away on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Virginia was a resident of Dallas, Texas at the time of passing. Funeral service to celebrate Virginia’s life will be held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 1:00 PM in The whispering waters garden at Restland Memorial Park.

Marion Griffith

Marion Sherman Griffith Jr., age 87, passed away on June 2, 2018, in Sun City, Texas.  Marion Griffith is survived by his son, Marion Sherman Griffith III, Sherman’s wife Dawn, and their children Justin Griffith and Ben Griffith of Southlake, Texas; and his daughter, Sheryl Griffith Shewell, and her son Corey Shewell of Bastrop, Texas.  He is preceded in death by his wife of 51 years, Mary Lynn Griffith, of Dallas, Texas.

Marion was born on October 19, 1930 in Austin, Texas to Sherman and Myrtle Griffith.  He graduated from The University of Texas with a Masters in Music.  After graduation, he served in the Air Force flying C-124 transport aircraft in the Alaskan and Pacific theaters.  After the Air Force he was hired at Braniff Airlines.  He spent most of his time at Braniff in management and was the Director of Flight Standard when he was asked to manage the Concorde program. He was the first US airline pilot to be type rated in Concorde.  After Braniff, Marion worked as the President of the US subsidiary of Rediffusion, a British flight simulator manufacturer.

He was devoted to his hobby of Soaring and aviation, serving as the President of The Soaring Society of America, was the principal organizer of the first SSA Convention, was a founder of the Dallas Gliding Association which started and funded the Johnson Flight Tests, was a director of Southwest Soaring (a commercial Texas soaring center), state and national open class record holder, and regional and national open class competitor.

Marion, our Dad, will be missed by many who loved him, enjoyed his stories, admired his achievements, and listened to his council.

There will be no formal memorial service per his wishes.  Sherman and Sheryl will hold a service in the sky for him.

Mary Kottke

Mary Kottke passed away in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The obituary was featured in Monadnock Ledger-Transcript on June 6, 2018.

Howard Caldwell

Howard Dwight Caldwell, age 103, passed away peacefully at home on May 17, 2018.

He was born February 24, 1915 in Ponce, Puerto Rico to missionary parents, Irwin and Lena Caldwell. He graduated from York College, Nebraska and joined the Marine Air Corps. Howard then was a commercial airline pilot for 34 years until his retirement in 1975, flying first for Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra) and later Braniff Airways.

In the early years of flying for Panagra he and his wife, Gladys, lived in South America and then moved to Miami in 1948. They later moved to Ocala in 1975 after he retired. Howard was a charter member of Grace Presbyterian church in Ocala, FL and a volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels in Marion County until he was 96. He also enjoyed continuing to fly his private plane, playing tennis, and riding his bicycle.

Gladys, his wife of 72 years, predeceased him in 2013. Howard is survived by his children, Barbara Fletcher of Asheville, NC; Richard Caldwell and wife Susan of West Union, SC; and Pat Caldwell of Ocala, FL; as well as grandchildren Catherine, Sarah, Karen, Christopher, Riley, and James; and twelve great-grandchildren.

A memorial Service will be held on June 12th at 11 AM at Grace Presbyterian Church. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be given to Marion Senior Services (designated for Meals-On-Wheels) or Grace Presbyterian Church.

Kathryn Ayers

Daughter of Captain Al Ayers.


Koerner Rombauer


Brenda Nitsch

Brenda Nitsch, age 78 of Seguin, passed away on April 29, 2018. A Memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 1030 a.m. at St. James Catholic Church with Rev. Msgr. Dennis Darilek officiating. Private interment will be held later at San Geronimo Cemetery.


Nancy Zastrow Shaw

Nancy Zastrow Shaw, Braniff Flight Attendant, 1958-1960, died today, April 24, 2018. Funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, April 28,2018 at 1:00PM at Rhoton Funeral Home 1511 South Interstate 35, Carrollton, Texas 75006.

Nancy Shaw was married to Robert Shaw, another Braniff employee who worked in the Sales Department.

Cards may be sent to:
Nancy Shaw Family
3465 Janlyn
Dallas Texas 75334


Teddi Weil


Barbi Bittel Brown


Kitty Burge Wilson

It is with sadness we notify you that Kitty Burge Wilson, the last remaining of the four ladies who started the Clipped B’s in 1947, died on Easter Sunday. Her service will be held this Thursday, April 5 at 10:30 a.m. at Presbyterian Village North, where Kitty has been a longtime resident.

The Chapel at Presbyterian Village North
8600 Skyline Drive
Dallas, TX 75243


From Central Expressway, go east on Forest Lane. Across from TI, turn right on Landa Lane. Pass through the gate into Presbyterian Village North, and the chapel will be in front of you slightly to the right on Skyline Drive. Ample parking around the chapel.

Harriett Francis Tweedy

Harriet Francis died on March 1. Services are planned for March 24 2018 at 11:00am at Rhoton Funeral Home on I-35 in Carrollton, TX. Harriett’s address was 11844 High Valley Dr. Dallas ,TX 75234.


Rita Sanderson


Karen Titus Pope

Karen Titus Pope, Braniff Flight Attendant 1968-1982 has asked for prayers for her husband, Dale, who is in the final stages of bone cancer. Karen also just recently lost her mother. Please keep Karen and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Evelynn Eubanks



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